Celebrating Four Years + Peeking Around the Bend


Four years ago, I created this space to share what inspired me. My first post was the account of a wildly fortuitous vintage shopping experience with my sister, and since that day I’ve covered everything from style and culture to love and loss through my words and my photography. The blog’s name, much to my dismay, elicited confused and quizzical responses, but my intention had been simple. I endeavored to say, in a succinct and self-deprecating way, that while I have great love and appreciation for this world’s beauty – from pristine waters and mountains to lovingly crafted plates of food – I am in no way an authority or expert, just a wanderlust-filled dabbler wanting to share it all with you.

My time here has been equal parts joy and catharsis. It has also bestowed upon me an unexpected gift: the act of putting pen to paper here (so to speak) has allowed me to discover what I am profoundly passionate about and given me the confidence to trade breadth for depth. So…the majority of content will now center around food, both in my kitchen and in the world around us. How we feed ourselves and the people we love is deeply important to me. Understanding what that food does for us, from nourishing our souls to providing us with vital nutrients, is of equal relevance. Know that I will always have my trusty camera in tow to share what I’ve discovered. And thank you to all who have read what I’ve written and for your encouragement. You may not have known that your kind words uttered in line at the grocery or on the pages here would mean so much, but they have and I’m truly grateful. I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s around the bend.





5 thoughts on “Celebrating Four Years + Peeking Around the Bend

  1. I love reading your Blog Wendy, filled with love, creativity, curiosity and inspiration. I can’t wait to keep reading and experience what’s around the bend. You should be proud!

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