Seeking Calm


This morning I escaped, slipping out the door in search of calm. When worry steals my breath, I often find it hidden in the trees, on the wings of birds, or waiting patiently for me along rocky shores. Where do you go when you need life to pour air back into your lungs? When you need a gentle reminder that the world is as big or as small as you allow it to be?


Morning light doesn’t always lend itself to capturing surroundings on film, but I took my camera and these images to remember the day’s journey. What I lost in perfect photographic lighting, I gained in solitude and song. The birds were singing praises to the sunlight, calling to each other as they searched for breakfast and each other. I heard a great blue heron’s wings beat against the water as it took flight, a robin’s tiny feet rustling through leaves in search of worms, the whistling upward trill of a glossy brewer’s blackbird. And as I listened to the smooth sound of rocks slipping against each other under the weight of my feet, I was reminded that this is not just their place, it is my place too, so long as I tread lightly and lovingly.










10 thoughts on “Seeking Calm

  1. Wendy- Enjoyed reading and the pics. I can still hear your voice even though it’s been years since we have actually spoken to one another. ? My morning calm is the first cup of my morning coffee after my workout in the silence of my office hours before anyone else gets to work. ???

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Love this answer. I rise before everyone else in my house for the same reason, though I drink my coffee (while still in pajamas!) reading and listening to the birds at the feeder I keep by the window. The quiet and calm before the storm, so to speak.

  2. You’re beautiful photography is only surpassed by the visuals you so eloquently paint with perfectly chosen words.

    I hope you’ve since found the inner peace you were searching for. I know I have…

    Thank you for sharing, Wendy.

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