Prada Nails the Perfect Nude Pump

The simplest wardrobe staples are often the most elusive.  The perfect white tee, a superb black pant, denim that sculpts your backside without giving your thighs that dreaded “stuffed sausage” look, the flawless nude pump. I have tried on, ordered, and returned dozens of interpretations and this is the one.  Not too camel, too beige, or too ivory.  Just the right amount of point in the toe.  In a non-platform, never-go-out-of-style sole.  With a sexy but not over the top dose of toe cleavage.  In my favorite four inch heel height.  And it goes with virtually everything.  Cost-per-wear, cost-per-wear, cost-per-wear…

8 thoughts on “Prada Nails the Perfect Nude Pump

    1. has a very similar pair and possibly the exact same pair! They call it “Prada pointed toe pump” and they have it in nude in all sizes! I’d grab them quickly! Also, Manolo Blahnik’s BB (with a 3 1/2 inch heel) and CC (with a 4 inch heel) are very similar in styling and both are available in nude at as well. Happy shopping!

      1. Ok, so I went shopping yesterday and got a pair of Manolo BB’s in black (I wear nothing but black). Never in life have I spent so much on shoes, so please, tell me I have done the right thing and that I went with a classic and I’ll wear them forever.

  1. Hi, question for you.. I’m debating between the nude Prada’s or the “beige” manolo BB’s.. seems like the BB’s are more comfortable considering reviews.. but I’m concerned the color will be too orangey. And does the Prada fit true to size? Any advice would be helpful as I’m in Canada and returning items is a disaster when trying to get your duty charge returned.

    1. Apologies for the delayed response – I have no idea how I missed this! I have not seen this spring’s BB in person and sometimes the color changes from season to season so I’d hate to guide you in the wrong direction. With that being said, the Prada does run true to size and I find the Prada to be a bit more comfortable than the Manolo BB as the toe box has a little more room. Happy shopping – I hope this helps!

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