The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago provided the perfect respite from last Saturday’s bone chilling rain and cold.  Our family spent the afternoon exploring most of the hands-on exhibits in this vast museum, including the Baby Chick Hatchery.  We could not peel ourselves away from these tiny creatures making their way into the world.  The little guy above had just emerged from his shell and was beginning to take his first steps when he stumbled backward and capsized out of sheer exhaustion.  My daughter was not going to leave until she was certain he had righted himself, so we waited patiently, whispering encouraging words and cheers of motivation to the scrawny little newborn.  What we found most amusing was his adopted pattern of fierce determination and rest, almost as if he had narcolepsy!  Mid-struggle he would simply close his eyes and take a quick nap only to wake moments later and resume the drill.

In a true feel-good moment, the baby chick’s efforts were finally rewarded.  He flipped himself over, causing the gallery of onlookers to erupt in applause.  My daughter and I decided he was a wise little bird.  He showed his audience of jaded humans that sometimes you need to take a break and gather your bearings in order to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. Wendy, I love this posting – the hatching chickens are my favorite part of the museum – I was just telling a friend who is going to Chicago that she must go the Science and industry and see them – also love Colleen Moore’s dollhouse…..assume you know your great grandfather helped design the coal mine there…..

    1. Thank you Pam! And yes, incredibly proud of the fact that JH Fletcher created such a beloved cultural experience. It amazes me that it has been almost 90 years since the exhibit opened, and the lines to get in are still insanely long!

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