Sunday Brunch


There is no easier way to entertain than hosting a weekend brunch.  On Sunday we had family visiting from Cleveland and because I wanted to enjoy our time together rather than spending it darting in and out of the kitchen, I kept everything incredibly simple.  I made these scones (adding the zest of a lemon to the dough), filled my favorite Jill Rosenwald bowls with Greek yogurt, crunchy granola, clover honey and berries from the farmers market, brewed some Illy medium roast, and set out fresh squeezed juice with a champagne option.  The scones were served with lemon curd, wild Maine blueberry jam, and English double devon cream (it was the final day of Wimbledon, after all) and everyone assembled their own yogurt parfaits.


On a side note, I spent several hours on Saturday planting flowers in front of the hydrangeas (better late than never) in anticipation of our company so of course they came to our mud room door rather than the front door and didn’t see them!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

  1. are you kidding me???? this looks so so wonderful. thank you so very much for posting these awesome lifestyle pix using my pottery!! i love the story too…how fun does this brunch look..and you got to watch federer win! what could be better. xoxojill

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments, Jill! Your work is so beautiful and receives many compliments whenever I entertain. I should have mentioned in the post that the gorgeous chevron mug is your work as well. I’d love to have entire place settings made someday!

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