Kind of Blue

If you were to take a stroll through my home, my closet and my breakfront you would see that the common thread is undeniably blue.  I’ve read that every room needs a touch of black, but I find blue to be much more soothing and welcoming.  From the deepest navy Edelman leather on our dining room chairs to the soft but complex blue/green/grey paint on the master bedroom walls (Farrow & Ball’s Mizzle), you’ll find at least a touch of blue in every one of our rooms.  This weekend I was flipping through my Pinterest pages and the multitude of pictures I’ve dragged and dropped into my laptop’s interior design file looking for an image of a monogrammed pillow I’m planning to duplicate.  The following are some of the beautiful, inspirational interiors I came across that are too good not to share.*

*This is the first time I’ve ever posted without precise photo crediting and links.  I have always been incredibly diligent about it, but because most of these images were pulled for personal inspiration and not for posting purposes, I did not record where they came from.  I know that many, by virtue of my great love of these sites, came from elledecor, habituallychic, capecodcollegiate, and elementsofstyle.

4 thoughts on “Kind of Blue

  1. I am currently in the process of redecorating our master bedroom, ensuite bathroom, & closet. Very much as the DIYer and crafty/creative girl that I am, I’m just trying to make up my mind about how I want to do it all! Anyway, what I really just wanted to say is that the main color is going to be BLUE. The accents will be chartreuse and white.
    Lisa J. Davis

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