Girl Crush

When it comes to personal style there is no one I admire more than Aerin Lauder, so I was over the moon when I read she would be launching an eponymous lifestyle brand this fall.  Her cosmetics line will be available in late August (a sneak peak available here) and I’ve read that the brand will offer tabletop and gifts for the holiday season with fabrics, home, and personal accessories to follow.  Lauder, who left her position as senior vice president and creative director at Estee Lauder last fall, explained in an interview with Architectural Digest that “the line is about embracing a kind of everyday elegance.”  If the Aerin brand can successfully convey the elegant feel of her inimitable style, it will make legions of women very, very happy.

From Aspen:

To East Hampton:

Everything she touches exudes refined and chic simplicity.

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9 thoughts on “Girl Crush

  1. The pictures of her Aspen home are awe-inspiring! Pure perfection in my opinion.
    The congruency of your personal style and that of Aerin is readily apparent. Your girl crush makes perfect sense to me.

  2. wow. just wow. the decor is stunning in both homes. can’t wait to see what her brand will come up with!

  3. I bet she’s a symmetry girl too!

    I love how she inhabits and creates a story for each residence that makes them unique from one another but readily identifiable with her personna.

  4. Lovely! Just looking at her, I understand everyday elegance and wait with anticipation for the Aerin brand.

  5. Beyond chic…a brand that the modern woman needs and all should take a cue from Aerin, the perfect example of simple elegance. I adore how you consistently bring fresh views of the fantastic to us daily, thank you.

  6. Aerin even makes Converse look chic! Thanks for the head’s up on her new line! Heading to that sight now—right after I order those sneakers and book my trip to Aspen!

  7. I love that Aerin is off to make the aspirational attainable- I’ll be buyin! Thanks for keeping us in the loop A&D!

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