Foul Weather Gear

The cold November winds are blowing through Chicago, taking down leaves and leaving a serious chill in the air.  Dressing for the elements and feeling stylish are not always synonymous, so I thought I would pass along some of my favorite outwear pieces and foul weather gear lines that look great and keep you warm and dry.

I love Helly Hansen.  The Norwegian outwear company has been around for 132 years and it manufactures gear for sailors, skiiers, and all around adventurers who need serious protection from the elements.  Truth be told, I use mine most often to walk the dog, but when that breathtaking wind whips off of the lake mid winter and the temperature goes subzero, it is an absolute necessity.  The above Paris Parka looks like a great option, but you really should flip through the entire site as they offer many layers of warmth.  Looking through the images will make you wish you were on the slopes, behind the helm, or summiting a mountain.  Okay maybe not that last one.

Sorel makes ridiculously warm and very stylish boots for women, men, and children.  You can find them on many online sites, but Zappos offers a myriad of styles (including both of the above) as well as free shipping and returns.

I have to admit that I am a little old-school and still wear the above L.L.Bean boots quite a bit (not quite as warm as the Sorels though).

If you are looking for a warm boot that reads a bit less outdoorsy, the fur lined Justine boot from Vince is a great option.

And those Vince boots would look amazing with this leather trimmed Zyta peacoat from Mackage.

Another great peacoat option (I cannot resist a great peacoat) is this shearling collared version from A.L.C. (one of my favorite clothing companies).

This insanely fabulous Faucon parka from Moncler has a nausea inducing price tag, but I swear Moncler makes some of the warmest – and definitely the most stylish – down jackets on the market.

The Moncler Clairy coat is simple but far from boring, comes in several beat-the-winter-blahs colors, and it’s half the cost of the Faucon.  It also holds up beautifully on the slopes.

As long as we are on the Moncler subject, how fabulous are these shearling lined Zillertal boots?!  Shoot me now.  Or at least take away my wallet.

Almost as cute (and much easier on the bank account) is the MacAlister shearling wedge boot from JCrew.

Finally, don’t forget a cozy scarf!  Love the pattern and size of this one from DVF.

This wide cashmere wrap from JCrew comes in a rainbow of colors, is relatively inexpensive, and will last you a lifetime.  So what are you waiting for?  Get shopping!

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