Valentine Hints

Pink Valentine

“…the next thing I knew, I was kissing her all over – anywhere – her eyes, her nose, her forehead, her eyebrows and all, her ears – her whole face…” – Holden Caulfield

I haven’t exactly been in a sweet sort of mood, though if anything on this list were to come my way, I certainly wouldn’t refuse it.  Especially the Rothko.  But considering his Orange, Red, Yellow recently sold at auction for $87 million, I’d settle for a museum date and a bunch of luscious peonies.

Kimono Robe
$40 –

Fleur of England Bow Bikini
$180 –

Fleur of England Plunge Bra
$145 –

Bottega Veneta Perfume
$120 –

Diptyque ‘Feu De Bois’ Candle
$90 –

Mark Rothko’s Red and Pink on Pink, circa 1953

Coral Pink Peonies

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