This is clearly not the lemon tart recipe I promised you last week.  To be honest, I haven’t been taking great care of myself since my mom died four weeks ago.  The boot camps, running, cycling and personal training that make up my weekly fitness routine have come to a screeching halt.  The 80/20 balance I normally strive for in my diet (healthy/indulgent) has been looking more like 20/80 on the days I am eating at all.  I see the results of this slipping everywhere – in my skin, on my body, under my eyes.  Seriously awful.

Many women I know have done juice cleanses and say they feel incredible when it is all over.  I’ve always thought the idea sounded terrible, mainly because I love to eat and also because I need coffee to survive.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Do you think I could put this one in a pretty glass and pretend it’s a cab?

So here I sit, half-way through day one on my 5-day no-caffeine-all-juice-no-food-no-wine adventure, a little worried that I’m going to miss the act of chewing and a lot worried I may kill someone from the lack of caffeine.  It’s gonna be tough sledding.

all photos via the aesthete and the dilettante

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