Catch of the Day


Life lesson: When a man who has sailed trans-Atlantic several times subtly suggests that you reschedule your deep sea fishing trip due to weather conditions, you should probably listen.

“There are 5 to 7 foot waves out there, and 25 knot winds…sounds a little pukey,” said my father.

“We’ll be fine!  Hannah and I never get sea sick!” I replied with a smile.



So the three of us set out for our afternoon adventure on the Atlantic.  Hannah told the guides she wanted to catch something big and something for dinner.  We succeeded on both counts, though felt admittedly “a little off” for about half the trip.  (My father, of course, was completely fine.)


As you can see in the photo above, our “something big” turned out to be really big – we caught a brown shark.  What a thrill!


Our “something for dinner” was this beautiful little Wahoo.



Our pelican greeting committee, below:


Hannah filled their hungry beaks with our leftover bait fish.  It was pure comedy.



Tell me he does not remind you of Billy Idol.


We devoured the wahoo (one of the best tasting fish we’ve ever had), then fell into bed exhausted with the boat’s rocking motion still lingering in our minds.


A huge thank you to our guides Tripp and Eric for giving us everything we asked for and making it so fun.

all photos via the aesthete and the dilettante

4 thoughts on “Catch of the Day

  1. How fun! Although I feel queasy just thinking about it. My Dad used to tell me that the white headed pelicans slept under the brown headed ones:)

    1. You are so right – Will, who doesn’t love fish, admitted to loving it and cleaned his plate. I prepared it two different ways (there was a lot of it!). I broiled it simply with a bit of lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and served it with a fresh spicy mango salsa. At the suggestion of the fishing boat captain, I also tried a few pieces wrapped in bacon and broiled. We all agreed that the one without bacon was much better – it allowed the delicious clean taste of the Wahoo to shine through.

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