Where Did The Time Go?

DSC_0968Nostalgia set in a few weeks ago when the above photo slipped out of a book I had decided to reread.  It was taken on a crisp fall day nine years ago, back when life was about hours around the Lego table and playdates at the park.  Now with a month of milestones on the horizon (including Hannah’s 11th birthday and Will’s 8th grade graduation), I am in full-on retrospective mode.  They could not be more different – she my dancing, singing, adventure-seeking free spirit; he my thoughtful, humble, quietly charismatic computer genius.  In common are their warm, constant smiles and compassionate natures, and though they have their fair share of quarrels (as all siblings do), the love they share almost always shines through.IMG_0891

IMG_0726IMG_0328_2IMG_3795IMG_3018DSC_0612IMG_0839DSC_0558DSC_0689IMG_0175IMG_1121IMG_5164IMG_0174DSC_0685DSC_0225DSC_0524DSC_0170IMG_3775_2DSC_0291DSC_0766IMG_0424IMG_1071IMG_0505DSC_0227DSC_0538DSC_0643I asked during a recent dinner if they could each name a favorite childhood memory.  Will recalled a fall day in second grade when we had forgotten about daylight savings and stood waiting for the bus for ages until it dawned on us.  He remembered walking to the backyard and playing on our swing set with nothing to do but pass the time and how happy he felt in that moment.  Hannah spoke of a summer afternoon spent on Lake Five where we sat on the pier and let tiny minnows nibble our toes (to this day she calls minnows “nibble fish”).  It made my heart ache that both recollections were of simple, spontaneous family experiences unspoiled by the sense of urgency that swallows so much of our time these days.  The lesson is not lost on me.

3 thoughts on “Where Did The Time Go?

  1. Thank you, as always, for reminding me to enjoy life as it is. You are truly an inspiration. This makes me want to go grab the kids from school and hug them. Thank you For helping me to see that I need to cherish them every second.

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