Freemans Love

New York did not disappoint.  A full recap of the weekend’s adventures will come, but I could not wait to share our favorite night at my favorite spot in the city: Freemans.  Rustic, chic, dark, cozy and intimate, Freemans serves the most amazing cocktails alongside perfectly portioned, mostly-American comfort food.  Let’s start with the drinks (shouldn’t we always?):

The Winter Blanket was exactly that – cozy and enveloping.  Made with Jamaican rum, allspice, ginger, orgeat and lime, it had the perfect amount of spice, sweetness and warmth.  Next came the plate of Devils on Horseback.  Divine little dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon.  Thank goodness the smart folks in the kitchen only give you five, because we could have eaten many, many more.  And room had to be saved for dinner!

I chose the Hunters Stew.  A game lover’s dream, it was rich but not overly so, with perfectly done medallions of venison, boar and elk in a dense broth.  Enjoyed with a side of creamed kale and a great, full-bodied glass of Cab.  Amusing aside: a man approached and tapped me on my fox gilet-covered shoulder and asked what I was having.  When I explained the above dish, he exclaimed, “you are eating that AND wearing fur?  PETA would have a field day with you!”  But I digress.  Back to the food, which brings us to dessert.  Bananas Foster with Rum Butterscotch served over vanilla ice cream.  Our only complaint of the night was that the bananas-to-ice-cream-ratio was off, but it was still insanely good.  And though we were stuffed, we ordered an after dinner drink as we did not want to leave the warm atmosphere and spirited bar conversation.  I asked the bartender to surprise me with something involving coffee, and this is what he brought:

I don’t know if it was truly the best coffee drink I have ever had or if it just tasted that way because I was blissful, but I found it fitting that the thick sweet cream melted down the inside of my glass into dreamy heart-shaped dollops.


At the bar with friend Amy Stigler of Monograham.  I said it was dark and cozy!

Freemans. 8 Rivington Street. 212-420-0012

6 thoughts on “Freemans Love

  1. hello wendy – it was fabulous meeting you and amy at the bar with bananas foster! I’m dropping some skin care in the mail for you both and just finished perusing amy’s website. you ladies were so fun and remember, paris for the big day and the orient express for mine…. yes! xo

  2. Sounds wonderful! AND funny to hear what you ate & wore. Just remembering “back in the day” having dinner in at my parents house and my dad defending himself to you about his hunting and fishing. HeHe Esp. when you would still enjoied eating his venison…

    Lisa J. Davis
    P.S. please get a “like” button so I can let you know I’m interested in what you are posting, but I don’t always have the time to type a comment.

    1. Yes, I remember those days and it makes me smile. Though I always fished with my grandfather, I do remember very lively conversations with your father regarding hunting. And he was always such a good sport – so tolerant of my uneducated views! There actually is a like button – you have to click on the name of the post, e.g. “Freemans Love”, and it will appear at the bottom of the post. xo

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