Designer Spotlight

When designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright started Rag & Bone in 2002, they had no formal training but knew they wanted to make beautifully constructed, impeccably tailored clothes with the highest quality materials.  I fell in love instantly with this small label and it became my go to for relaxed weekend pieces as well as night-on-the-town ensembles.  And then they got big.  Everyone wanted Rag & Bone in their closet so of course many of the top department stores and boutiques began carrying their clothes.  You know that feeling when you stumble across a band that not many people have discovered and then you start hearing them on the radio and become selfishly annoyed because you want them to yourself?  That is how I felt about Rag & Bone.  I was also worried.  How could this Kentucky label that was crafting all of their clothes in the United States “the way they did 50 years ago” keep up with demand and maintain their steadfast quality?  But they did.  Now based in New York City, they continue to turn out pieces with construction, design, and details that amaze me.  And though their clothes are now readily accessible to the masses, I still love them like I did a decade ago.

Rag bone dress, $655
Rag bone dress, $220
Rag bone sweater, $695
Rag bone sweater, $245
Rag bone top, $150
Rag & bone shorts, $290
Rag & bone jeans, $109
Rag & bone sandals, $595
Rag & bone ankle booties, $495
Rag bone wallet, $115
Rag & bone sunglasses, $350
Rag bone belt, $150
Rag bone hat, $56
Rag bone scarve, $115
Rag bone scarve, $48

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