What to Give

Last weekend we had the pleasure of entertaining good friends from out of town, and they arrived with a beautiful basket overflowing with goodies for the whole family.  Their gift reminded me of something cookbook author and consummate hostess Ina Garten once said – that the best gifts are those that can be used and subsequently discarded (tickets, soaps, flowers, candles, for example) or consumed (chocolates, wine, cookies, etc).  The Barefoot Contessa is on to something!  We have enjoyed the basket all week, thinking of our lovely time together each time we’ve dipped in.  Truth be told, I’ve saved the last scrumptious treat for myself.  So if you will please excuse me, I have some chocolate to attend to…

image 1 via theimportanceofsalt.com, image 2 via me, moments before consumption.  How gorgeous is that packaging?!

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